EXPERIENCE is EVERYTHING!  Steve has been a must booking for the NBA, NCAA, WNBA and G-League since 2003 and has been booked every year for the Collegiate ACC, BIG TEN, A-10 and SEC March Conference Tournaments since 2008.  Simon Sez ... give your dedicated fans the BEST halftime show aroundThey deserve it!​

Since 2003, Steve Max continues to be one of the most requested halftime shows in the nation! Not only do  fan participation and big laughs separate Steve from the rest, but because he has a microphone, he can also mention sponsors names or make hilarious 'off the cuff' remarks while getting your fans pumped and excited for the second half of the game!  PERFECT FOR HONORING SPECIAL GROUPS: Military Appreciation, Season Ticket Holders, Breast Cancer Survivors, Fan Appreciation and more. Plus, nobody does more midweek 'Education Day Matinees' for colleges than Steve Max!

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