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Steve Max!

Meetings & Events

Corporate sales meetings and special events are perfect venues for the hilarious Steve Max Simon Sez Show!

Let’s face it … meetings can be a snooze. Well not anymore! Bring in Steve Max and watch as your attendees ride a wave of laughter and enthusiasm while focusing on important areas such as team building, better listening and employee morale. You can even include specific topics to complement your meeting’s theme.

From 30 people to 3000, Steve Max knows how to energize a crowd. Clients love that the show is very funny and interactive. In fact, Steve will get 100% of your attendees involved, enthused and laughing. And because Steve doesn’t ‘eliminate’ the participants until the last 15 minutes, no one person will feel left out. In the end, the finalists get Steve Max T-Shirts while all have a great time! (Your company can also give a special prize to the winner as well, if you want.)

The program can run as long as 45 minutes or shorter to suit your needs.

Perfect for Sales Meetings, Break Out Sessions, Town Halls, Off-Sites, Company Picnics, Bring Kids to Work Day, Fitness Days and any other time when your organization is looking for lots of participation and fun!

Steve Max!
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