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Steve Max!

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Steve Max is a full-time PROFESSIONAL Simon Sez (Simon Says) caller / leader. Known nationally for his appearances on TV and at NBA & NCAA basketball halftimes, Steve has taken this classic kids’ game to a whole new level! Simon Sez … click on one of the tabs and let’s get going!

2017-2018 Gigs

October 13th

Midnight Madness at the U. of Rhode Island!


October 22nd

Oklahoma City Thunder Halftime Show!


October 31st

Indiana Pacers halftime Show!


November 1st

Notre Dame women’s basketball!


November 3rd

Notre Dame Football pep rally and men’s basketball!


November 4th

Chicago Bulls halftime show!


November 6th

Atlanta Hawks halftime show!


November 8th

Salt Lake City Stars halftime show!


November 10th

Northern Kentucky U. halftime show!


November 15th

Princeton U. halftime show!


November 16th

U. of Virginia Halftime Show!


November 19th

Phoenix Suns halftime show!


November 20th

Orlando Magic halftime show!


November 21st

Orlando Solar Bears intermission show!


November 30th

U. of Nebraska halftime show!


December 2nd

Milwaukee Bucks halftime show!


December 3rd

Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show!


December 6th

U. of Dayton men’s and women’s halftime shows!


December 8th

San Diego State halftime show!


December 9th

Never forget tribute Classic at the prudential center in Newark, NJ  featuring 4 top-ranked colleges!


December 13th

Corporate Show in Ostero, FL


December 15th

Corporate Show in bridgewater, NJ


December 16th-17th

U. of Texas Halftime Shows!


December 19th

Toronto Maple Leafs 100th anniversary game!


December 25th – Christmas Day

New York Knicks halftime show!


December 26th

Denver Nuggets halftime show!


December 27th

New Orleans Pelicans halftime show!


December 28th

U. of Michigan halftime show!


December 29th

Washington Wizards halftime show!


December 31st

Raptors 905 halftime show!



HAPPY 2018!


January 1st

Toronto Raptors halftime show!


January 9th and 11th

Vanderbilt U. Halftime Shows!


January 14th

U.S. Naval Academy men’s and women’s halftime shows vs Army!


January 19th

Michigan State Halftime Show!


Jan. 20th

U. of Cincinnati Halftime show!


January 22nd

Xavier U. matinee halftime show!


January 22nd

Oklahoma City Thunder!


January 24th

U. of illinois halftime show!


Jan. 25th

U. of Alabama @ Birmingham Halftime show!


January 27th

SNY High School Invitational in NYC!


January 28th

Cleveland Cavaliers halftime show!


January 31st

Saint Louis U. halftime show!


February 3rd

U. of Maryland, Baltimore County Halftime Show!


February 5th – 6th

Mississippi State halftime shows!


February 8th

Toronto Maple Leafs


February 14th – 15th

Florida State U. halftime shows!


February 17th

U. of delaware Halftime show!


February 18th

Temple University halftime show!


February 24th

U. of Pennsylvania halftime show!


February 28th

Women’s SEC Tournament in Nashville!


March 1st – 2nd

Women’s ACC Tournament in Greensboro!


March 3rd

Both semi-final games at the Women’s Atlantic-10 Tournament in Richmond!


March 4th

Women’s Big Ten Tournament Finals in Indy!


March 6th

Toronto Raptors Halftime Show!


March 9th

Men’s ACC Tournament in Brooklyn!


March 10th

Men’s Atlantic-10 Tournament Semi-Finals in D.C.!


April 10th

Dallas Mavericks halftime show!


April 27th

Washington Wizards nba playoffs!


May 11th

Washington Valor Arena Football Halftime show!


May 12th

Washington Mystics WNBA halftime show!


June 2nd

Indiana Fever WNBA halftime show!